We do not need to search for openings. On every side the fields are white already to harvest. Most distinctly can we see these changes in the older mission fields where we have been working several successive years. This is apparent in the success which had attended both the canvassers and the preachers; and apparent also in the many instances in which individuals have been stirred up simply by the Spirit of the Lord through his word to make inquiry regarding the Sabbath of the Lord and the truth for this time.   

Such instances do not come in from one field simply, but from almost every part of the world. These items reported from time to time have a greater significance that appears merely upon the face of them. As the first buds of springtime tell us that summer is nigh, and reveal an irresistible power working in nature, which will soon cover all the face of the earth with living green, so these incidents coming to light here and there throughout all the world tell us that the Spirit of God is brooding over the face of the darkness which covers the nations, and indicate that the time has come when the Lord will fulfill his words by the prophets: "For as the earth bringeth forth her buds, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nations." 

February 22, 1893 N/A, GCDB 334-335

Each family has its share of the general work to do and the care of its own apartments. Here is the outline of a day's work for one of the families of older boys: This family is up by 5:30, puts the beds airing, goes to the bath-room, and gets the spray or shower bath that has kept them remarkably free from colds all winter. Then they do their chamber work, and prepare for prayers and breakfast. After this they have certain halls and rooms to put in order, with whatever cleaning they need. Then comes school, and afterward dinner. After dinner there is time for an out-of-door play spell. Then the boys gather in the family sittingroom these long winter evenings, and help the mother with the mending for awhile. Part of the evening is spent with books or writing, the mother guiding their reading or study. Then comes evening worship in their own little circle, and bed time. On certain days the program is varied by the laundry classes, in which the children wash and iron a certain portion of their clothing, learning how to do it nicely. On other days there are sewing classes. During the summer they did a good deal of garden work.     

Even the younger ones have their tasks, - washing dishes, cleaning their playroom, etc., besides the work in their own rooms, lessons in sewing, etc., and in the summer months during vacation the out-of-door work.   

It has been an interesting study to the committee to watch the development of character under the training process.

 February 28, 1895 N/A, GCB 392


“Let it never be snowy nor wintery within. Carry ever in your heart and mind and memory the summer sunbeams, and not singly but bound in sheaves, that, filled with their garnered warmth and light, their brightness may gleam from every act, and be comfort and joy and warmth and life to all that see you. Carry in your thoughts the carols of all the birds, and the grand orchestral voice of all nature, harmonized and softened into one sweet choral which shall be the song of your life to all that have known you.” 

June 18, 1896 EJW, PTUK 400